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3 reviews. Doesn't this show how REALLY awesome this is? A LOT OF SHIT gets only 3 reviews.
Including this.
Of course, I'm sure you could go on a trek and Find a MILLION*gasp maybe even TWO MILLION* other flashes that got 3 or less reviews, but this works very well for your image, the fact that you spend half your time wisely searching for something to indicate that someone else is wrong about how much you rule.

I think that you need to spend less time doing cohesive and useful material then spamming up crap like this.
Here's ten shiny stars.

AIDSMcGuff responds:

Pure un-falsities.

Not bad, haha

This definitely captured the old "B movie" feel, which is a plus (seeing as that's what you were going for..I think). Also, the whole "chef aliens" concept was pretty weird, but it was definitely enjoyable. The animation was limited, but the line work and shading were done well, considering the time restraints.

3/5 7/10 :)

This is a good idea

This cartoon was amusing. The blowjob gave me a hardy chuckle, and the animation was good for the most part. There were a few tweens that just didn't fit, but it doesn't really matter.

Unfortunately, I can only give this an 8 due to the fact that it's an intro. If it's up to part with this, I'll gladly give the episode a 10.

Rudy responds:

Glad you enjoyed the intro. The episode will be released on Sunday. :)

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Great game

It's really enjoyable. At first, the graphics seemed a bit offputting, but when you play the game, you quickly forget about it

Can't wait for Corpus 2

Jectoons responds:

me neither

Great game!

Being a long time Volta fan, I am extremely glad that you were chosen to make this game. You really capture the general mood of the story behind The Bedlam in Goliath, which is a huge plus.

Not to mention the phenomenal gameplay!


This was very well done, I don't really think theres a lot you can correct

..and it reminds me of the good days..doing that in mario paint for hours

Starburst997 responds:

Thanks !

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